The Family Marathon

Families together for the long run.
London, Saturday 29 June 2019

If a thriving family is more of a marathon than a sprint, why not run a marathon distance to show it? As a team of parents, children, relatives and friends, you can all do your bit to reach 26.2 miles together.

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Come together for an unforgettable day at The Family Marathon, brought to you by Hope and Homes for Children. A day when you’ll take part in a marathon, running with the people you cherish as family. Doing your bit to reach 26.2 miles together is all part of the fun. You’ll join hundreds of other families in a friendly, exhilarating atmosphere, running around a one-mile loop in a leafy park featuring a lively pop-up village in the middle.

Help us replace loveless orphanages with loving families for children through every stride. Get yourself sponsored so that every mile you run raises vital awareness and funding for Hope and Homes for Children. An international charity, we find loving family homes for children who would otherwise grow up in an orphanage, denied the care and protection that many of us treasure as part of a close-knit family.