The Cause

At Hope and Homes for Children, we believe that all children need families, never orphanages.

Always families, never orphanages

As an international charity, we work across the globe to find loving family homes for children who would otherwise grow up in an orphanage, denied the love, care and protection that is so vital to us all.

Healthy families enable us to do things together we’re rarely able to do alone. With your support, The Family Marathon will become a global beacon of hope for children who urgently need the love and protection of a family. Get yourself sponsored so that every mile you run raises vital awareness and funding for Hope and Homes for Children, ensuring children always grow up in families, never orphanages.

Keep a family together

Just £600 can help keep a family together, supporting them when they face difficult times and preventing them from being needlessly torn apart. That’s as little as £100 raised by every member of your team. What better reason for you all to hit the start line feeling happy, proud, and excited?

Every child deserves this, and that’s why we're in it for the long-run.

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