The Event

Our first ever Family Marathon takes place on Saturday 29 June 2019, and challenges you and your team to run the equivalent of a marathon distance together. Run as many one-mile loops as your legs will allow, and together you can conquer the 26.2 miles between you.

The importance of family

Strong and healthy families are important, and worth celebrating—and that’s why The Family Marathon exists. It’s a special day that gives you the opportunity to work hard and play hard together, achieving something remarkable between you that couldn’t necessarily be done on your own. 

Your team of two to six people can comprise anyone you cherish as family. Anyone of any age can get involved, so your team could include children, parents, relatives, friends and colleagues. Under 11s are welcome to join the fun, and can take part as long as they’re accompanied by an adult at all times. But don’t worry—the adult’s run will still count towards your team’s overall distance! Wheelchairs and children’s pushchairs/buggies are also welcome at the event and on the one-mile loop.

Whatever your running ability, every step you take all contributes to your team’s goal of reaching 26.2 miles on the day. And who knows, maybe you’ll even achieve a personal best? We recently asked our Facebook community whether running as part of a team would spur people on to run either further or faster, and 77% of respondents said they’d run further than normal, in order to do their bit for the team.

The more experienced runners among you can track your lap-splits, and try to beat your personal long-distance best. Time chips will be provided for everyone, with live standings displayed on the big screen in the event village and available to view online after the event.

For more information, check out our FAQs section.

When your family runs together, you’ll help families stay together

Running The Family Marathon isn’t the only remarkable thing you can achieve on the day. By getting sponsored for your run, you also have the chance to make a huge difference to the lives of children around the world. All the money raised will support Hope and Homes for Children, an international charity working to find loving family homes for children who would otherwise grow up in an orphanage; denied the love, care and protection that is so vital to each and every one of us.

Get sponsored for your run through JustGiving, and the money you raise for Hope and Homes for Children will play a vital role ensuring children always grow up in families, never orphanages. Just £600 raised can help us keep families together, supporting them when they face difficult times and preventing them from being needlessly torn apart. That’s as little as £100 raised by every member of your team. What better reason for you all to hit the start line feeling happy, proud, and excited?

Find out more about the work of Hope and Homes for Children